Session themes

Thursday 17 October 2013, 14:00 – 15:30

Session 1A: Governance and financing: a new approach

Chairman: Sergey Abramov, RZD


  • Eva Molnar, United Nations Economic Commission for Europe
  • Henry Marty-Gauquié, European Investment Bank
  • Valery Vaisberg, Russia: PPP in the projects of station modernization
  • Ercan Korkmazer, Turkey: new high speed train station in Ankara tendered with PPP
  • ZHAO Changjiang, China: the experience of construction and finance in high speed Railway stations of China
  • Alexandr Prodan, Portugal: station charging systems and financial analysis of vertical separation in Europe
  • Andrea Odoardi, Czech Republic: PPP model for refurbishing and managing the Prague Central station
  • Evgeny Trusov, Russia: limited recourse financing of the railway infrastructure including the high speed rail links

Session 1B: Innovations

Chairman: Fabio Battaggia, Grandi Stazioni


  • Fabio Battaggia, Italy: innovation drive the change
  • Nicolas Beaurain, France: services in French stations: new challenges
  • Jean-Philippe Gros, France: new immersive navigation tool to prepare the journey
  • Javier Dahl Sobrino, Spain: Audioguide project: guiding visually impaired people through stations
  • Sei Sakairi, Japan: aiming to smart station, smart station vision
  • Heikki Suopohja, Finland: innovative sensor systems for navigation

Thursday 17 October 2013, 16:00 – 18:00

Session 2A: Business and services

Chairperson: Yulia Nikulicheva, Jones Lang LaSalle


  • Marcus Paul, Germany: the railway station initiative of DB Station and Service
  • Yoshinobu Kanazawa, Japan: development of attractive cities from stations
  • John Crawford Williams, Canada: reaching retail potential
  • Andrei Martyniouk, Russia: duty free at railway stations
  • Jesus Sanchez Soria, Spain: station marketing – new challenges
  • Sytze Van der Aa, The Netherlands: creating customer experience by retail

Session 2B: Station design around the world

Chairman: Carlos Ventura, Adif


  • Yekyeong Shin, South Korea: station as a key strategy for sustainable regional regeneration, Seoul railway station
  • Andreas Heym, France: development on intermodal transport hubs in the 21st century metropolis-the Greater Paris example
  • Hiroumi Okada, Japan: eco-station in Tokyo urban area, Yotsuya station
  • GAO Hong, China: design conception of Chinese high speed railway stations
  • Jorge Bernabeu, Spain: intermodal design strategies for high speed railway stations in Spain, always in motion
  • Sukru Safa Cinar, Turkey: designation of the stations in Turkey as a cultural area
  • Olivier Martin, France: stations of the Gautrain project – proximity, architecture, services

Friday 18 October 2013, 9:00 – 10:30

Session 3A: Intermodality centers

Chairman: Etienne Tricaud, AREP


  • Jannie Haek, Belgium: station as a driving force for network mobility
  • Andreas Hamprecht, Germany: stations as customer oriented mobility hubs
  • Eric Dussiot, France: Mumbai CST station. Multimodal station and PPP approach for a world class UNESCO station Master Planning
  • Fernando Sanches, Brazil: Intercity trains in São Paulo - main hub and local hubs
  • Adriaan De Graaff, the Netherlands: Airport Rail Interconnectivity: the MODAIR project
  • SHI Jianping, China: intermodality of Shanghai Hongqiao station

Session 3B: Integrated protection

Chairman: Jacques Colliard, UIC


  • Hendrik Vanderkimpen, Belgium: the station-criminality nexus: how to protect the station of being criminogenic
  • Didier Schwarz, France: station security
  • Oleg Lebedev, Russia : from station security to station management
  • Narciss Sohrabi Mollayousef, Iran: the sociology of metro stations in Teheran
  • Vladimir Kuznetsov, Russia: human factors aspects

Friday 18 October 2013, 11:00 – 12:30

Session 4A: Sustainable stations

Chairperson: Elena Lazko, Deloitte and Touche


  • Nacima Baron, France: conceiving European stations as living places: territorial and historical values
  • Anne Leemans, Belgium: design a low carbon interchange
  • Javier Dahl Sobrino, Spain: station architectural design : economic impact assessment
  • Anna Abbasova, Russia: developing a station’s social functions
  • Vincent Delcourt, France: how energy smart meters could help to reduce energy bills of train stations?

Session 4B: Connecting stations with the city

Chairman: Yakov Sergienko, McKinsey and Company


  • Maurizio Gentile, Italy: station to connect parts of the city
  • Dirk Oelschläger, UIC: the “Passage” project – best practice for accessibility
  • Ekaterina Sapsay, Russia: barrier-free environment in passenger stations
  • Lieve De Cock, Belgium: the grammar of station environments
  • Guillaume de Tilière, France: rail stations, the link between typology, design process and level of service
  • Sylvain Denoncin, France: modern technologies and materials for organization of barrier-free environment railway stations
  • Etienne Tricaud, France: a new dynamic urban way life